Thinking Outside the Box, with Seth Greene

Episode 6: Thinking Outside the Box

Seth Greene is the founder and CEO of the direct response marketing firm Market Domination, a seven-time Amazon #1 bestselling author, and the foremost expert in cutting-edge direct response marketing. Seth is also the co-host of the SharkPreneur podcast (along with Kevin Harrington of TV’s Shark Tank), which was recently named as one of 2019’s top 10 podcasts to listen to by Nasdaq. Seth has been interviewed by NBC News, CBS News and CBS Moneywatch, Forbes, Inc. Magazine, and many other national news outlets for his marketing expertise.

What You Will Learn:

In the first section of the episode, Ted explains the importance of finding a guide, coach or mentor to help you make choices in your investing. He shares the secrets to finding an excellent coach or mentor and outlines the things you should look for. Are they already getting amazing results? And are they getting those same amazing results for their students? If they aren’t able to demonstrate repeatable results, they probably aren’t the right coach for you.

In the second part of the episode, Ted speaks with Bob Schumacher, a Macon Georgia-based student of Ted Thomas’s tax lien and tax deed system. Bob has been investing in tax deeds for around twenty years, alongside his career in forestry. Bob explains how he coaches students in tax auctions and prepares them for their first investments. He discusses what a GIS map (geographic information system map) is and how the information contained can help you better assess a property for its value.

In the final section of the episode, you’ll meet Ted’s special guest Seth Greene. Seth is the founder of marketing firm Market Domination, a #1 Amazon bestselling author seven times over, and a highly sought-after expert in direct response marketing. In this portion of the episode, you will learn:

  • How Seth used marketing tactics and principles to successfully sell his house on Facebook after his family outgrew it
  • What innovative marketing ideas Seth and his team came up with to market his home, and who they targeted with their marketing efforts
  • How Ted recently used Seth’s same Facebook marketing strategies and was able to find the same kind of success
  • How works to drive sales and leads for their clients, regardless of industry
  • How Seth has begun learning tax lien and tax deed strategies from Ted and is about to go to his first auction
  • Seth explains his hiring practices, and he shares why he wants applicants to challenge him and fight for the position
  • Why the first step to marketing a property is to determine who the ideal buyer for your property is
  • Why it is impossible to avoid problems, why the scale of your problems will grow with your business, and why problems can create opportunities

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