Old Friends and New Investors, with Dave Dubeau

Episode 8: Old Friends and New Investors

Dave Dubeau is a Real Estate Entrepreneur, Best-Selling Author, Speaker, and Investor Attraction Expert based in Kamloops, B.C. Canada. He began his real estate investing career in 2003 doing 18 deals in 18 months. He later switched his focus to client-first rent to own deals, and nowadays he invests in multi-family (apartment building) properties. For the last several years Dave has been the World’s #1 Investor Attraction “Imple-Mentor.” Using his proprietary 5 Step Money Partner Formula™, Dave helps his real estate entrepreneur clients to grow their portfolios significantly and in record time by attracting investors (instead of chasing after them).

What You Will Learn:

In the first section of the episode, Ted discusses “redeemable tax deeds” available in Georgia, Texas, and a small list of other states. Ted explains how a redeemable deed allows a property owner to redeem their deed within one year of your purchase, buying it back from you at a steep 20% penalty. Ted describes how the auctions in all 159 Georgia counties work. Ted describes the unusual situation of treasurers failing to auction properties, resulting in huge numbers of properties being sold at pennies on the dollar.

In the second portion of the episode, Macon, Georgia-based coach Bob Schumacher discusses his experiences with redeemable tax deed auctions in the state of Georgia. He shares how he tends to buy at one auction out of every three. He discusses the importance of keeping your maximum bid to yourself, and he shares the parameters he looks for in a property before bidding. He shares the clues you can look for to help decide if a property is in good shape inside or whether it will require a lot of expensive repairs. He explains what a “quiet title” is and how the process works.

In the final portion of the episode, Ted brings on special guest Dave Dubeau. Dave is a British Columbia, Canada-based expert who helps real estate entrepreneurs connect with investor leads, aiding them in generating investor funding for their deals. In this segment of the episode, you will learn:

  • How Dave got involved in and has been working in real estate his entire life, and why helping entrepreneurs connect with investors is his preferred work
  • Why it is important to find investors who you have a preexisting relationship with, to avoid legal trouble of accusations of selling securities
  • How to collect a complete list of all of the people you have a preexisting relationship with, using your email accounts
  • What strategies to use to reconnect with people and reestablish a relationship before you discuss business
  • What mistakes Dave has made and learned from over the course of his career, and how he overcame the challenges those mistakes created
  • Why Dave isn’t a fan of flipping houses, and why he sees rental properties as just a long term flip

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