Learning Wealth from the Wealthy, with Brian Fouts

Episode 4: Learning Wealth from the Wealthy

Brian Fouts is the CEO and co-owner of The Elevation Group, a rapidly growing financial education company with more than 50,000 worldwide students. Brian’s strategy is deceptively simple: if you want to become wealthy, do what the ultra-wealthy do. This premise is the foundation of The Elevation Group’s teachings, where they show people how to think outside the box, view their wealth differently, and learn to invest the way the ultra-rich do. Brian’s wisdom is likely to change the way you view work, as well as your relationship with money and wealth-building.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

In the first section of the episode, Ted reiterates the difference between tax liens and tax deeds. He explains how tax deed auctions work, and he shares his extensive background in tax lien certificates and tax defaulted properties. He shares the kinds of returns on investment you can expect from these kinds of investments. He discusses why “fix-and-flip” TV shows aren’t an accurate depiction of real life.

In the second part of the episode, Ted brings on Bob Schumacher, a Macon Georgia-based student of Ted Thomas’s tax lien and tax deed system. Bob has been investing in tax deeds for around twenty years, alongside his career in forestry. Bob shares the details of a recent property closing he did, with a $7000 investment and final returns of $23,000, for a total profit of $16,000. Bob explains a “quiet title” and why it eliminates problems with the tax deed history. Bob details the experience of going to a tax sale, shares what you can expect when you get there, and offers tips for your first auction.

In the final section of the episode, you’ll meet Ted’s special guest Brian Fouts. Brian is the CEO of The Elevation Group, the fastest growing financial education company in the world today. Brian and The Elevation Group have helped more than 50,000 people since 2010 by teaching them the tools and strategies used by some of the wealthiest people on the planet. In this part of the episode, you will learn:

  • How The Elevation Group’s training works, and what sort of nontraditional wealth-building and investment strategies they teach their students.
  • Why Brian has a passion for understanding how true wealth is built, and why the 2008 economic crash taught Brian a valuable lesson about investing.
  • Why Brian loves his work, and how Brian’s brother Jake got involved in the business and became a firefighter and entrepreneur.
  • Why the wealthiest people and most successful investors don’t believe in retirement and have a different mindset around wealth.
  • How Brian became an investor through self-determination, and what painful early lessons and challenges he faced in his investing career.
  • Why time is a valuable asset, and why too many people give their time away freely by focusing on active income.
  • How portfolio income differs from active income, and why passive income is the superior method of income.
  • Why the wealthiest people leverage all three sources of income, moving their money from active to portfolio to passive income.
  • Why Brian’s system teaches people to buy existing businesses that already have established clients/customers and established cash flow.
  • How The Elevation Group helps members with a range of areas including tax strategies, investment strategies and more.
  • What kind of investors make up the typical The Elevation Group member, and what sorts of goals they are wanting to achieve.
  • Why passion is the key to growing any business, and why it is important to do something you’re excited about.

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