Stories from Georgia Tax Auctions, with Ben Baker

Episode 14:

For the past 34 years, Ben Baker has worked as a professional writer, newspaper editor, and publisher with multiple books in print. He has written for clients in 38 countries. He specializes in writing press releases, white papers and general articles about tax liens, business and the outdoors. He has also served as a prison minister counseling men who have been charged with substance abuse-related crimes, helping them find their way out of the troubles they have found themselves in. He can be reached through

What You Will Learn:

  • Ben discusses his work as a writer, newspaper editor, and prison minister. He shares why he decided to become a minister for substance abuse offenders and he explains why he felt it important to get involved in their lives.
  • Ben shares why he initially got involved in tax liens and tax deeds due to the big profits available. He shares how tax auctions work in his home state of Georgia, and he explains why you get a minimum 20% return on your investments there.
  • Ben relates the story of attending his first auction and watching one auction winner’s purchase redeem at the auction, earning him 20% on his investment within 45 minutes of his purchase.
  • Ben explains why there is a tax auction going on all the time somewhere in the country, with auctions being held on the first Tuesday of each month across the state of Georgia.
  • Ben shares how he purchased a 3000 square foot two-story home at tax auction just four blocks away from his own home, and he shares how he was able to sell the home four different times.
  • Ben explains why doing your research and understanding the laws and rules that govern the tax auctions in the state you’re looking at investing in is critical for finding success in tax liens and deeds.

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