How to buy tax deeds video by Ted Thomas

How To Buy Tax Deeds

  Transcript: About half the states in the United States have been selling tax deeds to the investors since soon after the country was established. Buying tax deeds offers investors the opportunity to get the property well below market value sometimes for only 10 cents on the dollar or less. In this next edited video…

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Seven Things You Need to Know About Tax Defaulted Property Investing 

Investing in tax defaulted property can be profitable and easy. Before you begin, you need to understand how the process works, what to expect, the terms used in the business and what you have to do in order to be successful. Tax defaulted property auctions are held throughout the nation so unpaid property taxes, owed…

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Ted Thomas explains what is a tax deed sale

What is a Tax Deed Sale

Transcription To answer the question what is a tax deed sale or auction, I should first explain that a tax deed sale or auction have existed in the United States for over 200 years. They are held in many states. This is a method let’s call it a process that allows the local governments to…

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Ohio Property Tax Lien Sales 

Ohio property tax sales are tax deed auctions or tax lien auctions. The two sales are different. This article I wrote explains the tax lien auction. To learn about tax deeds, read this article I wrote. I’m going to focus on Ohio property tax lien sales in this article. Both sales give you the chance…

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Darren Olstad presents at Ted Thomas

Buying Tax Lien Certificates

Transcription Ted Thomas: I’ve been showing investors the secrets to successfully buying tax lien certificates and tax deeds for over 20 years. It’s rare to find a 19-year-old with the confidence to begin investing in tax lien certificates and succeed so quickly. Darren Olstad is such a person. He attended a Ted Thomas workshop conducted…

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Investing in Georgia’s Tax Defaulted Property Auctions 

Investing in Georgia’s tax defaulted property auctions You can make big profits investing in Georgia tax defaulted property auctions, but you first have to know the rules. Georgia law does set some basic guidelines, but every property tax collecting agency in the state has its own rules. THE GENERAL RULES Georgia is a “redeemable tax…

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tax lien certificate investing ted thomas

Tax Lien Certificate Investing

Transcript: Tax lien certificate investing has existed in the United States for more than 200 years. Sometimes people can’t or simply won’t pay their property taxes. The local government needs the money from the property taxes to provide local services like pay for the schools, the police departments, fire departments, roads, and local courts and…

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About the Quit Claim Deed, Trust Deed, Security Deed, Tax Deed, and Warranty Deed

What are a quit claim deed, a trust deed, a security deed, tax and a warranty deed? Some of the deeds for property are: Warranty Deed Security Deed Trust Deed or Deed of Trust Quit claim deed  Tax Deed WARRANTY DEED The warranty deed is when the seller says he has clear title to the…

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Buying property tax lien Ted Thomas video

Buying Property Tax Liens

Transcription: Many investors are amazed at how simple it is to get very high interest rates when buying property tax lien certificates in the United States. What separates the average investor from the exceptional investor? Knowledge and education is the answer. The more you understand about the opportunity you have a buying property tax lien…

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Doing Your Homework When Buying Tax Defaulted Property

You’ll hear me say “do your homework” and “know the rules” a lot when I discuss buying tax defaulted property (tax lien certificates and tax deeds). You have to do your homework and know the rules to be successful, meaning you avoid mistakes and maximize profits. Doing your homework includes knowing what the rules are,…

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