For nearly twenty years Ted Thomas has been teaching thousands of investors how to receive safe, secure returns with government issued Tax Lien Certificates and property purchased at huge discounts at government Tax Deed Auctions.

Ted offers Tax Lien Certificate & Mortgage Free Tax Deed Online & Offline Home Study Courses to students across the United States, Canada, and even other continents. Those who follow his program of success, investing in secured government Tax Lien Certificates & Tax Deeds have made millions of dollars. This is the real deal, a program that works for the little guy and the professional investor. This system of Government Auctioned Tax Lien Certificates & Tax Deeds has been in place for hundreds of years. Ted Thomas simplified the process and made it easy for the average investor. The information that Ted offers gives his students a competitive advantage in the market over other investors due to his knowledge and insight he and his instructors offer in his training.

If you wanted to find a single, one stop source, all under one roof, proven, accurate, original Tax Lien Certificate & Tax Deed Online & Offline that will protect your money and insulate you from recession and wildly fluctuating economy…You have come to the right place.

Ted Thomas Quick Start To: Investing in Tax Lien Certificates & Mortgage Free Tax Deeds

This course is designed to teach the beginning Tax Lien Certificate and Tax Deed investors how to successfully research Tax Lien Certificate and Tax Deed properties, how to successfully bid at the auction or if you prefer over the internet or by mail, and ultimately how to sell or otherwise “exit” the
investment making a sizable profit. Also includes instant access to the county officials Tax Lien Certificate & Tax Deed Directories.

The QuickStart Home Study System Includes: Quickstart Guidebook, The Comprehensive Tax Lien Directory, The Complete Tax Deed Directory, Secrets to Buying Tax Lien Certificates & Tax Deeds By Mail & Internet, 6 CDs, and 2 DVDs.

Regular Price: $1,995

Fast Start To: Making Money with Predictable & Secured Government Tax Lien Certificates & Mortgage Free Tax Deeds:

This Learning System will teach you easy steps to making money with predictable, certain, and secure Tax Lien Certificates & Mortgage Free Tax Deeds. The material is designed to help you quickly achieve the skills you need to be successful. This is a fast track to success system.

Includes: 8 DVD’s & 2 manuals

Regular Price: $497

Safe Haven Deal Making Audio CD & DVD Set :

This Hand Holding Audio & DVD set reveals successful students doing actual deals and explaining how they did it on camera. These are real world case histories. First, I show you the process and benefits of investing in Tax Lien Certificates, then I will show you how many of my students are buying real estate for 20 to 30 cents on the dollar. The Audio CD’s included in this set are the important questions students have asked and the vital answers, fully indexed so that you can look up key points quickly – This is going to save you a tremendous amount of time.

Includes: 2 Audio CD’s & 2 Video DVD’s

Regular Price: $590

“A Gift From Uncle Sam” Never Pay Taxes Again System:

Discover how you can build your retirement tax free! When you invest in Tax Lien Certificates and Tax Deeds with your retirement funds, you can earn up to 24% returns, and not have to pay a dime in taxes on this money. This guidebook will show you exactly how to do this! The forms that you need to start an IRA are even in this book.

Includes: 216 Page Manual and Audio CD

Regular Price: $245

Ted Thomas Platinum Tax Lien Certificate & Tax Deed Directory

This special software designed to make Tax Lien Certificate & Tax Deed Research easy giving you instant access to over 3,200 counties & 1,400 municipalities Tax Collector’s, Property Appraiser’s, Sheriffs, Constables, Marshals, Tax Sales, Lands Available Records, & Auction Rules. States are separated & Listed by Tax Lien States or Tax Deed States.

Includes: Platinum Directory ThumbDrive

Regular Price: $1,995 

Unlocking the Mysteries of the County Records Home Study Course:

Reveal how to find the hidden opportunities that make the big money for the insiders who know the secrets that are hidden in the Public Records. The counties are a Gold Mine of information about properties you might want to buy at a Tax Lien Certificate or Tax Deed Auction. This mini course is designed to give you the insider secrets on who’s who in the county offices, researching liens, zoning regulations, homestead exemption, locating the properties, the foreclosure process, and more!

Includes: 382 Page Manual & 2 Audio CD’s

Regular Price: $399

Ted Thomas Learning Library:

Actual Transcripts & recordings of over 250 counseling and consultations Ted recorded with students live. The CD’s are indexed, which means you can research quickly by going to the exact question on a CD in seconds and answer your question, rather than listen to the whole program.

Includes: 277 page Manual & 8 Audio CD’s

Regular Price: $999