For nearly twenty years Ted Thomas has been teaching thousands of investors how to receive safe, secure returns with government issued Tax Lien Certificates and property purchased at huge discounts at government Tax Deed Auctions.

Ted offers Tax Lien Certificate & Mortgage Free Tax Deed Online & Offline Home Study Courses to students across the United States, Canada, and even other continents. Those who follow his program of success, investing in secured government Tax Lien Certificates & Tax Deeds have made millions of dollars. This is the real deal, a program that works for the little guy and the professional investor. This system of Government Auctioned Tax Lien Certificates & Tax Deeds has been in place for hundreds of years. Ted Thomas simplified the process and made it easy for the average investor. The information that Ted offers gives his students a competitive advantage in the market over other investors due to his knowledge and insight he and his instructors offer in his training.

If you wanted to find a single, one stop source, all under one roof, proven, accurate, original Tax Lien Certificate & Tax Deed Online & Offline that will protect your money and insulate you from recession and wildly fluctuating economy…You have come to the right place.

Ted Thomas’ “Making Money Carefully”
Accelerated Video Training Course

This accelerated learning system includes interviews from real-world dealmakers who have walked in your shoes and are now making thousands of dollars each month investing in tax lien certificates and tax defaulted properties. You will also hear from Ted along with other property investing professionals who share their inside secrets on how to invest in and then sell property using rapid-fire techniques. Implementing these strategies will ensure you the largest profits and allows you to quickly and effortlessly close deal after deal!