The Essential List of Tax Lien Certificate States – Ted Thomas

Tax lien certificates are sold in 21 states and Washington D.C. The list of tax lien certificate states is below and the map that follows shows the tax lien certificate states in gold. Complete List Of Tax Lien Certificate States

Tax lien certificate states are in gold above.


  • Alabama                                             
  • Arizona                                               
  • Colorado                            
  • Florida                 
  • Illinois                                 
  • Iowa     
  • Indiana
  • Kentucky            
  • Louisiana                            
  • Maryland                           
  • Massachusetts                 
  • Mississippi                        
  • Montana
  • Nebraska                            
  • New Jersey                       
  • New York                           
  • Ohio
  • South Carolina 
  • Vermont
  • Washington DC               
  • West Virginia
  • Wyoming

States not on the list of tax lien certificate states sell tax deeds. The rules for the sale of tax lien certificates are defined by state law, and procedures for the sale are administered by local governments. The list of tax lien certificate states above have annual public auctions, where the local governments (counties) within that state sell tax lien certificates secured by real estate on which the property taxes have not been paid. This gives the tax lien certificate investor a government administered investment often at a high interest rate well above rates offered by banks and other institutions. If the property owner fails to pay the taxes the tax lien certificate investor can get ownership of the property for pennies on the dollar, often paying only the back accumulated taxes.   Ted Thomas has been showing, guiding, and nurturing student investors through the process of how to invest in tax lien certificates for over 25 years. Today Ted Thomas is known as America’s Tax Lien Certificate and Tax Deed Authority. In the video linked below Ted discusses the list of tax lien certificate states and some investment advantages of investing in tax lien certificates. Here is a video that can give you all the information above in a more visual fashion if that is what you need to see:

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